Coastal Cuttings operates under the Maine Medical Marijuana Program.  We are a licensed caregiver with 2 employees.  The owner and employees have passed background checks with the state and are in compliance with all aspects of the Marijuana program.


  • In order for us to stay in compliance, we are only allowed to sell clones to marijuana patients. 

    • Maine Marijuana Patients
    • Visiting patients with a valid  marijuana certification card from their respective state.   


Did you know it only costs $20 to become a Marijuana patient for Maine residents?  Call or email us your address and we'll gladly refer you to the closest doctor who can issue you a certification onsite.  For those who cannot travel, you can get a remote skype certification for $49 at the website  We highly recommend going to a local business or doctor for your certification, but remote appointments are a great way to get instant access to all the Maine Marijuana program has to offer.  If you are serious about growing marijuana, please get your marijuana card!