Genetics are something we take pride in at Coastal Cuttings.   There are so many strains from around the world and not every strain is perfect for the Maine climate.  Choosing strains, for indoor or outdoor, is not something easy and we hope to help consult you with!  You may grow any strain you want, even if the yield is less.  However, everyone should be aware of the pros and cons of each strain you grow.  We aim to consult you with the best indoor or outdoor strains for Maine and not just what is recommended generically.  

Plant Listing

Sour Diesel

24 G's

LA Cheese

24 Cheese

Purple Alien

Heavy Grapefruit

Heavy Duty Fruit

Durban Poison

Jamaican Dream

Ice Cream Cake

24 Carrot Gold

Lemon Pie

Holly Carrot


24 CY

Cotton Candy

Black Domina

Mother of Berry

Alaskan Purple

24 Candy


Poison Berry


Kitchen Mix

24 M Berry

24 Yeote

Cheese Candy

24 X Lemon Tooth

White Widow

Heavy Duty Fruit