Interested in reselling our plants?  We'd love to talk to you if you sell clones on a small scale or large scale at trade shows and events.  The demand for Marijuana cuttings is at an all time high and despite your best efforts, you might sell out or not be able to provide a larger variety of clones.  Team up with us to take advantage of additional variety and stock. 

*  We offer discounted pricing of $6-$12 per rooted plant.  That's ~75% off menu pricing.    

*  For resellers who sell in local markets, we will deliver plants to your venue or trade show to fulfill  orders.  Sometimes we make  multiple trips a day! 

*  We will deliver orders to you or your customers for anything that cannot be fulfilled at the time of the event or purchase.  

*  For resellers who sell online, we will create a coupon or referral link that will give your customers a special discount and ensure every order you refer is tracked.  We will split the profits with you 50/50 for anyone who uses this coupon or referral link.  

* Resellers get access to a special link where you can view our entire inventory and see what is rooted and ready now versus cuttings that are in the cloner and being prepped for sale.  This allows you to sell our products in bulk without promising inventory that cannot be delivered.  This inventory list is updated daily.  It can also be emailed daily if preferred.